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The 1st Lacrosse mesh made for PROformance and WEATHER;



In PRO Field and BoX Lacrosse it has won more scoring, assist and point titles

(and half time contests at All Star games) than ALL other wax mesh combined!

Since its introduction in 2008 there have been only 2 World Lacrosse Field Championships (in 2010 &2014). in both the MVP of the tournament used and trusted only MARC MESH.


Durring our Back to School Sale going on right now, White player MM is $8.85 and $18.95 for goalie mesh.


ONLY Marc Mesh is made with Marc Leveilles MESHBUTTER and TOP QUALITY NYLON for its signiture EXTRA SOFT break in with POCKET MEMORY like a hard for unmatched CONSISTANCY when throughing.


All MARC MESH comes with a authenticity tag. With so many imitation wax meshes around; these measures are in place to protect our customers and verify that your are recieving the real deal.

$6.35 shipping anywhere in the US. Our web store's currency is in USD; credit cards accepted include VISA and MasterCard; we also take pay pal. All orders are shipped within 2 business days; in the USA if the product has not arrived within 4 business days of the day it's ordered we can provide you with a tracking number.

Be sure to check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @bluecollarlax for new and interesting custom pieces of Marc Mesh; we allways appreciat when people share the photos of their strung stick ready for battle.

Thank you for your business, ALL THE BEST in 2014-15.

Blue Collar LaX

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Argyle Marc Mesh... PERFORMANCE meets SWAGGER! Stars n Bars Marc Mesh
ARGYLE PLAYER MARC MESHStars & Bars Goalie Marc Mesh

 Marc Mesh PERFORMANCE ... with a little extra SWAGGER!

Marc Mesh Stars & Bars Lacrosse Mesh



White Marc Mesh
White Player Marc Mesh

White player Marc Mesh.