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All of our products live up to 2 criteria; they offer the best performance and quality in the game!

Another common thread that all of our product share is they are 100% HAND made in USA and Canada. BCLaX MARC MESH starts with a top-quality 6.6 Nylon most often used in parachutes and climbing ropesand then coated with Marc Leveille's MESHBUTTER. The NEW TIMMY TARGETS are fabricated from 3/8 Steel, stress relieved and powder coated; capable of handling the hardest Pro/Collegiate player shots.

All MARC MESH comes with a numbered authenticity tag. we strongly encourage people in areas with a BCLaX MARC MESH retailer to support local store and purchase  our products at that location; you will save time and money with regards to shipping (all MARC MESH at retailers comes in a sealed blister pack or with our authenticity tag when loose; unfortunately this has to be said ... when you're the best you're bound to have imitators; these measures are in place to protect our customers).

There is a $9 shipping fee for all US and Canadian orders; international orders may incur extra charges. Our web store's currency is in USD; credit cards accepted include VISA and MasterCard.All orders are shipped within five business days; (if the product has not arrived within 3 weeks of the day it's ordered we will provide you with a tracking number;this only applies to orders shipped within USA and Canada).

We thank you for your business, thank you more for trusting BCLaX products for when you do battle!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for new and interesting custom pieces of Marc Mesh; we always enjoy when our loyal customers upload photos, action shots especially.

Good luck in 2013.

Blue Collar LaX

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Argyle Marc Mesh... PERFORMANCE meets SWAGGER! White Marc Mesh

 Marc Mesh PERFORMANCE ... with a little extra SWAGGER!

White Marc Mesh.