Moose Goalie Marc Mesh
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Rebounds are awesome… If you're playing Basketball…which is a great sport with infinite similarities to Lacrosse. (That was for you Gabe. U of T D BABY! WHOOOOO!)

Once again Marc has led the way in POCK-TEC-TONICS with Marc’s latest goalie mesh; designed with one intention... Zero rebounds. You think you have seen big diamonds; Moose Mesh is XXXXL; and with Marc's MESHBUTTER it still throws dimes.

Originally introduced to the pro BoX goalies this summer 2014 (given they see on average 40 shoots from inside 10 yards or less per game (forget about practice)); Moose Marc Mesh does 1 thing no other mesh can match… ZERO REBOUND. And of course with Marc Leveille’s MESHBUTTER the pocket forms to your unique mechanics of throwing the ball.

It's no secret in the goalie union that Marc Mesh is and always has been the industry leader. While Marc Mesh with regular sized diamonds gives you the best of low rebound and ability to throw; for goalies looking to go the extra mile for less rebound; nothing compares to Moose Marc Mesh!

And don't expect our imitators to come out with this product any time soon… they don’t  have the equipment to make Moose mesh; their machinesare not strong enough make regular Marc Mesh.

 #GOALIEUNION (we didn't start that but the goalie that did uses Marc Mesh)


  • Manufacturer: Blue Collar Lacrosse Inc.

Moose Goalie Marc Mesh

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