Payback Lacrosse Mesh by Blue Collar LaX
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Blue Collar Lacrosse revolutionises the Lacrosse pocket once again with the 1st true composite mesh; PaYback Mesh!

PaYback Mesh has a 3 rail channel that runs straight down the center of the mesh. This guides the ball out of your stick while throwing for unmatched accuracy, feel and ultimate control. The channel also delivers SOFT CATCH; absorbing the energy of the ball and quickly bringing it to rest in the ‘sweet spot’ of the pocket for a safe and secure cradle. 

Here’s How It Works

The team at Blue Collar use 2 very different materials (UHMWPe and NYLON). What makes PaYback Mesh the first true composite is that these materials are not weaved together but remain separate to assist each other in providing the best possible throw, catch and cradle of all non-waxed mesh.

Properties of UHMWPe

  • Called “the world’s strongest fiber”; its 8 times stronger than steel
  • Ultra-ultra-ultra-light
  • Smooth low friction surface

 Properties of NYLON

  • It can stretch and recoil like an elastic
  • High friction surface
  • Durable; the only material approved for mountain climbing rope

The Construction (hard hat must be worn beyond this point)

On the traditional 10/9 Diamond mesh we weave the white diamonds (as shown in the picture) with UHMWPe and the black diamonds with NYLON. Because of nylon’s elastic property this creates a 3 rail channel that not only guides the ball down the center of the pocket when throwing, it also assists when catching and carrying the ball as well.

The 3 high friction nylon rails act like the grooves in a snipers rifle barrel to keep the ball on track. They stay in complete contact with the surface of the ball to give unmatched feel and control.

The diamonds made from the UHMWPe are light weight and have low surface friction to allow the head to travel through the air with minimal drag created by the netting to increase the mph of your shot.

UHMWPe strength makes it the perfect material for attaching to the SideWalls; for a long life span.

UHMWPe will not absorb water; and given it makes up 72% of the entire mesh PaYback mesh is relatively weather resistant.

For the ultimate in #PROformance, weather durability and brake in, it also comes waxed with Marc Leveille’s Meshbutter for $24.90.


  • Manufacturer: Blue Collar Lacrosse Inc.

PaYback 10 Diamond Sniper Mesh (White)

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